A New York based makeup artist specializing in both beauty and character makeup, Deepti Sadhwani, is daily making an impact in the industry. With inspiration founded in a culture of women beautifully adorned with colorful saris, exquisite body designs in henna, and dark, mystical eyes rimmed with kohl, the potential of makeup as a transformative art was evident to her, even as a curious child.


Immersion in professional training at the Makeup Designory in NYC, proved the path of her destined career. The list of fashion photographers that Deepti has worked with on beauty and fashion shoots include rising stars such as Damian Sandone, who specializes in making indelible visual impressions and Peter Leuders, international beauty, portrait and sports photographer, Working with a range of models showcasing every definition of beauty in representing top agencies such as Major, APM and MSA, she has also designed and developed a range of characters to which she brought strong attention to detail. Her work has been featured widely spanning music videos, short films, promotional shoots, web series pilots and several episodes of America’s Top Model, known for featuring the cutting-edge best in the industry.


While most artists are known for beauty work or character specialization exclusively, Deepti has the talent and vision to excel in both. Among her skills in the latter are tattoo coverage, Avant Garde techniques, corrective make-up, character invention and development, prosthetic application, foam latex and edgy hairstyles among others. With the ability to create simulated injury and realistic simulations of the step-by-step process of ageing, her work is fast becoming recognized and appreciated in the worlds of television and film. As she grows in renown, her skilled work as a makeup artist has allowed her to teach others in the conceptualization, creation, and execution of film videos, educating viewers on brush usage and application as well as creating and demonstrating two special effects applications at IMATS New York, 2016.


What is remarkable to note is Deepti has amassed decades of experience in a period of just a few years, which means her potential for growth and professional development is limitless. Able to tailor each look to the setting or event, lighting, wardrobe, facial features and hair color of the client, she offers service well beyond the ordinary. As her professional interests encompass arts, commercials, corporate shoots, digital/online campaigns, documentaries, drama reconstruction, film (feature), film (LB) and film (short) as well as live daytime programming, magazine sessions, mobile phone content, music, music promo, news and current affairs, reality TV and teaching, and the fact that she has already made a mark in several of these arenas, the only alternative for Deepti is ongoing growth.                  


Deepti’s catchy self-description speaks volumes. As a ‘feminist, fashion aficionada, made in India’ with the world as her muse, she will travel the globe as she creates her future, searching for inspiration that uplifts her gifted artistry.

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